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Five reasons you need Supply Logistics and Procurement Services, LLC. See why 

Strategic Procurement Services

Five reasons you need Supply Logistics and Procurement Services, LLC.

1) Wide Distribution Services:

Distribution services is a core to the SLP solution portfolio. With our advanced strategic partnerships, the SLP Network has over 19 stocking drop-ship locations serving the US, Mexico and Canada. Need product immediately? Our strategic partnerships carry over to leading MRO Storefront companies. This enables same-day pickup at hundreds of locations throughout North America.

2) Integrated Supplier Services:


  • A centralized order processing solution? 
  • More focus on C & D spend? 
  • Additional sources for your supply chain but do not want the fixed overhead? 
  • To gain control and visibility to site purchases? 
  • Rationalize Supplier and/or ERP part numbers? 



  • Procure to Pay: Procure to Pay (P2P) is outsourcing the full Supplier Management Order Fulfillment process, including: Requisition, PO Processing, Receiving, Invoice Payment and Accounting. 
  • Sourcing: Whether for one site, or across the entire enterprise, effective sourcing drives towards the best price, service and delivery within your supplier base.
  • Cost Reductions: Implement advanced supply chain practices to leverage your organizational volume to gain Total Cost of Ownership savings.
  • Supplier Standardization: Decentralized, individual site purchasing can present challenges for National Supplier Contract compliance.
  • Spot Buys / One Time Buys: Avoid paying top tier pricing, and offset the resource drain of adding suppliers to your system and processing one-time purchase orders.
  • Supplier Rationalization: Identification and scoring of each supplier’s impact to your organization, with emphasis on supply base consolidation.
  • Spare Parts Management: Outsource the management of your existing Spare Parts business to SLP to improve service levels and customer satisfaction.

3) Warehousing / Inventory Specialists:


  • Expert knowledge and execution of inventory management? 
  • Increased turn rate and inventory reduction? 
  • External resource to achieve strategic initiatives? 
  • A catalyst for change? 
  • Advanced efficiencies with asset maintenance? 
  • Increased production of warehouse floor space?



  • Storehouse Management: SLP provides supply chain experienced personnel to directly manage your inventory Store Room.
  • Warehouse Management: Whether at your facility or at ours, SLP offers advanced warehouse offerings for domestic and international shipments.
  • Cross Docking Warehouse: Inbound inventory consolidation will increase efficiency and add production floor space.
  • Kitting Development / Management: Increase “Wrench Time” for your maintenance team by having PM kits delivered to your Production Asset “Just In Time”.
  • JIT Work Cell Delivery: Increase production efficiency and floor space by having SLP deliver directly to work cells based on daily production schedules.
  • Inventory Rationalization: Apply advanced supply chain techniques to drive an improved max/min order processing and reduce overall Inventory burden.
  • Spare Parts Management: Disposition obsolete and slow moving inventory to improve overall inventory metrics and reduce unnecessary warehouse space.

4) Onsite Staffing Capabilities:


    • More resources without fixed overhead?
    • Experienced staffing you can depend on?
    • Expert personnel to drive best practices?
    • More time to focus on core initiatives?
    • Consistent process followed at many locations?
    • Service level improvements for your Supply Chain?


      • Storeroom Clerks: Experienced, full time clerks to process inbound / outbound inventory transactions, perform cycle counts.
      • Buyers: On-site buyers provide PO order support and be escalation point for order processing.
      • Order Processing Clerks: Transition requisitions and/or inventory reorder reports into Purchase Orders.
      • Receiving: On-site personnel to electronically and physically Receive inbound order activity, and route to proper inventory location.
      • Expediting: Point person to drive on time order delivery, and accelerating delivery of late shipments.
      • Procedures / Documentation: Aid in ISO compliance and business consistency by having SLP develop your procedures and supply chain documentation.
      • Invoice Management: Have SLP make invoice payment and provide you with consolidated, itemized invoicing.
      • Pick - Pack - Ship: Have SLP support your spare part-shipping workload by working at your existing warehous

          5) System Wide Improvements:

          DO YOU NEED?:

            • Improvement from insufficient acquisition integrations?
            • Assistance in data warehousing?
            • Reduce supply base or product usage?
            • To better understand total product usage?
            • Improvement in obtaining cost reductions?
            • Bring clarity to a decentralized system?

            WE OFFER:

              • Item Mater Cleansing: Redundancy in part numbers can lead to higher costs and order inefficiencies.
              • Product Standardization: Standardization of products can lower your overall costs and ensure the safety of your employees.
              • Product Rationalization: Rationalization of products provides a systematic approach to your spend, allowing your personal resources to focus on the highest impact categories
              • Product Substitution: Driving same fit and function replacements product to gain cost reductions but without compromising the integrity of your spend.
              • Supplier Rationalization: Getting the most out of your supply base is critical for optimizing the performance of your supply chain.
              • Supplier Terms and Conditions: Drive consistency across your supply chain to the benefit of your organization.
              • Control and Spend Visibility: Improve supply chain practices by understanding your organization’s spend and enabling control.
              • Meaningful Reporting: Improvements have greatly more impact when driven by meaningful data reporting and KPI’s.

                Supply Logistics & Procurement… Saving Time, Saving Money

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