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About Supply Logistics and Procurement Services

Welcome to Your New Supply Chain Solutions Partner

SLP is proud to have received awards based on our performance,
and the positive impact we have enabled for our clients.

With over 27 years experience, Supply Logistics and Procurement Services, LLC. (SLP) has helped organizations gain control, visibility and savings throughout their supply chain.  Supply Logistics and Procurement Services, LLC (SLP) is a leading integrated supplier serving North America. SLP is led by company Found and President, Stephen Phillips; who has spent his entire career managing and driving improvements within extremely complex supply chain models. That experience, coupled by our high powered team of professionals, we partner with our customers to collectively achieve “success”.

      SLP works to customized an Integrated Supplier program that specifically aims to improve our clients Supply Chain challenges, while focusing on gaining improvements that are directly in line with how they are being measured. SLP is strategically located in areas of high impact to Supply Chains. The Future: Client needs are driving SLP’s further expansion into Central America and South America

        What are the problems and challenges you are faced with in managing your Supply Chain?

        How are you and your team being measured? 

        SLP is driving supply chain operational excellence in leading industries.





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            Supply Logistics & Procurement… Saving Time, Saving Money

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