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Brand: L.S. Starrett Model: 681-50612
.115- .187" 166 SERIES P-L.S. STARRETT C-681-50612..
Brand: APEX® Model: 071-AW-95
00581 BIT 0.0 HAND DRIV-APEX COOPER-071-AW-95..
Brand: APEX® Model: 071-AW-95-L
00585 BIT 0.0 HAND DRIV-APEX COOPER-071-AW-95-L..
Brand: APEX® Model: 071-AW-95-LL
00587 BIT 0.0 HAND DRIV-APEX COOPER-071-AW-95-LL..
Brand: L.S. Starrett Model: 681-50600
162B PIN VISE .030-.062"-L.S. STARRETT C-681-50600..
Brand: L.S. Starrett Model: 681-50608
165 DOUBLE END PIN VISE-0-.125" RANGE-L.S. STARRETT C-681-50608..
Brand: L.S. Starrett Model: 681-50609
166A 0-.040" RANGE PIN V-L.S. STARRETT C-681-50609..
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